Founded in 2015 by Jean Viry-Babel and Prof. David Mendels, xRapid Group was created with the hope of applying the evolving technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to previously unexplored fields with the hopes of improving the lives of people the world over.

The first application of Prof. Mendels knowledge was to tackle the issue of diagnosing malaria in remote areas where the demand for skilled analysts exceeded the supply of resources, both human and monetary.

It was during the research and development of this application that Dr. Charlyn Belluzzo came on to supervise the medical aspects of the testing.

After acquiring approval through the World Health Organization we have been able to help citizens in Benin, Indonesia, Malawi, Papua, and Uganda by offering this testing at little to no cost through xRapid Foundation.

We are continuing to work with governments around the world to develop AI-driven medical tests that can help those that would otherwise be overlooked or forgotten.

In the latter part of 2016, we started research on commercial application of our technology in the area of environmental testing. This lead to the development of xRfiber.

This also began our work, in earnest, in the specialty of AI known as machine learning. With this technology we have been able to effectively automate the analysis of air fiber samples taken for testing in indoor environments and outdoor work sites.

We have now also begun development of a similar analysis for mold spores in air and plan to continue in several other environmental areas.

Ultimately, our resolve to improve people’s lives, by applying emerging technologies to areas others have yet to, has not wavered and we hope to touch as many lives as possible in the years to come.