xRapid-Lab, the automated counter for malaria culture, supports all researchers working on lab culture of Plasmodium species by offering a new tool to count parasites and red blood cells faster.

xRapid-Lab is an automated system that counts parasites and red blood cells in Plasmodium cultures, saving time and money. Using an iPhone attached to a microscope, the xRapid-Lab app captures and analyses images from thin smear blood slides giving, in less than 2 minutes: the parasitemia, the parasite development stages and the red blood cells (RBCs) count.

xRapid-Lab provides a detailed report for each of the samples tested, providing an easy way to track synchronous or asynchronous cultures.

Spend time where it matters: our digital imaging and AI engine counts your p. falciparum cultures for you!

Young rings, throphozoites, schizonts, gametocytes and RBCs: analyze a slide in a minute.

Easily customize the stages to suit your needs and habits.

Save, email or print the diagnostic results on the spot or from archives.


xRapid-Lab works as a monthly subscription service with or without an iPhone.
If you want to book your free trial, please contact our sales department.

xRapid-Lab Guided Tour